Stampeding in Calgary

Updated: May 1, 2018

Gav and I love all of the incredible experiences travelling brings us - culture, art, food, sport, history, language. There aren't many things Gav and I won't be interested in checking out.

So when we first moved to Canada - we knew we would definitely be making a trip west to Calgary in July for the famous Calgary Stampede - "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth". The Stampede certainly lived up to it's reputation. From bull riding to chuck wagon racing topped off with a spectacular live concert and fireworks - we were blown away!

We strongly suggest if you get the chance, grab your hat and pull on your boots and check it out!

K+G xxx

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We both work high pressured jobs - long hours, time away from each other (blergh!) - all of which is made bareable by the fact that we have had the opportunity to travel this incredible, wide world of ours whenever possible. 

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