Fall in Acadia NP, Maine

Updated: May 1, 2018

Our National Park bucket list had another park ticked off when we visited the stunning Acadia National Park in Maine last fall.

This park has it all - spectacular coast line, crystal clear lakes, beach and many beautiful hiking tracks with the added bonus of New England lobster and Claw Chowder!!!

This getaway was particularly exciting for us as it was the first time our fur child, Ruby, had crossed the border into the USA.

We had a four day weekend so we packed the car, drove 12 hours to Maine (a beautiful drive through southern Quebec and Northern Maine with all the fall colours in full force), and spent a blissful two days hiking and soaking up the breathtaking atmosphere.

Acadia NP is located on Mt Desert Island on the far east coast of Maine. Bar Harbor is a popular town that people use as their base to explore the park - Bar Harbor itself is great to explore with plenty of fabulous places to eat. We literally hiked all day (and cooked baked beans in a butane cooker in the back of our car) and then stuffed our faces with lobster every night!

This park definitely should find its way on to your travel bucket list too.

Things you should do whilst in Acadia NP:

  • Watch the Sunrise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain (the first place to see the sunrise in the USA each day)

  • Jordan Pond

  • Thunder Hole

  • Sand Beach

  • Bass Harbor Headlight

  • Hiking, hiking and more hiking

Hiking Trails we loved:

  • Gorham Mountain Trail - stunning vista from the top

  • Cadillac North Ridge trail (note - you can also drive to the summit of Cadillac for sunrise if you aren't up for the hike)

  • Great Head Trail

  • Ocean Path Trail

  • Jordan Pond Loop Trail

  • North and South Bubble Trail


  • Lobster, Lobster and more LOBSTER (Anywhere in Bar Harbor) - we loved the West Side Cafe and Geddy's (a super cool place with kitchy signage all over the walls and a good try to try a local delicacy - Blueberry BEER!)

  • Acadia Jordan Pond House - within the park, a lovely place for tea and popovers with jam or something more substantial

Here's a few favourite pics from this brilliant weekend - the fall colours were to die for!

Enjoy - K+G xxx

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