About Us....

Hi There!

We are Kate and Gav. 30 somethings. High school sweethearts. Married for 4 years and parents to Ruby the Brittany Spaniel. 

We both work high pressure jobs - long hours, time away from each other (blergh!) - all of which is made bareable by the fact that we have had the opportunity to travel this incredible, wide world of ours whenever possible. We spend every spare minute either travelling or day dreaming/lusting/planning our next trip!

We have been travelling together for 10 years and have been to over 40 countries and though you would think our travel bucket list would be getting smaller - it is actually growing by the minute! We have been reading travel blogs for years and always found them a wonderful source of information and inspiration and have always wanted to create our own space to document our adventures but never found the time to do it. So after years of prostinating - here it is!! 

Thanks for stopping by - we hope our adventures provide you with a little wanderlust boost, or at least a good laugh and help you to plan your next adventure in this big, wide world of ours! 

K + G xxx